Maremma beaches: my relaxing escape

Oct 28, 2018

Tuscany is not usually thought of as a destination with wild beaches and crystal clear waters. Perhaps that’s because Maremma and its beaches are still fairly unknown, especially outside of Italy.
If you have never been in Maremma during one of your trips to Tuscany, it’s time to make up for that! Maremma is a natural park dotted with wild coves and secluded beaches, like Collelungo where you can walk on sand dunes in a unique back-to-nature setting or like Cala del Gesso a little cove that seduces at first sight with its emerald waters.
Maremma beaches are countless, but when you ask me I’ve no doubt of which are the best ones you cannot miss.
Let’s start!

Maremma Beaches # 1
Cala del Gesso

Cala del Gesso is a corner of paradise.
The more you go in the Mediterranean forest surrounding this little cove, the more the emerald sea waters, before your eyes, will charm you.
The spot is wild, especially in the early morning when there is no one. It looks like the surrounding cliffs and the forest are there to protect this little gem.
Remember that the best spots are the ones you have to work for; to reach Cala del Gesso, it’s a 20/30-minute walk, but it is more than worth it!

 maremma beaches cala del gesso

maremma beaches cala del gesso 2
– Type Cala del Gesso on Google Maps. When you get there, park the car and take the trail; it starts at the green gate with the sign “Cala del Gesso”
– Bring something to eat and drink
– Go early in the morning to enjoy the true essence of the place
– Avoid to go during high-season (July and August)

Maremma Beaches # 2

Collelungo is one of the most unspoiled beaches in Italy and is never crowded.
It can only be reached on foot; so, it’s the perfect place to discover the beauty of the Maremma nature without anybody else except for some baby deers and foxes which live near the beach.
The landscape is stunning: the pine grove frames a long white sandy beach which is dotted with driftwood and sand dunes. All around, the turquoise of the waters.

maremma beaches collelungo

Do you remember what I said about Cala del Gesso? Well, to reach Collelungo there is a trail which is 7 km long, but is definitely worth it, especially because during the trail you’ll experience the wild nature of Maremma: longhorns herded by cowboys (known as butteri), vast pine groves and ancient watchtowers which dominate cliffs.

maremma beaches collelungo 2
– Collelungo beach is within the Maremma natural park. The trek to reach it is named “A2 – The towers”. Remember to contact the Visitor Centre before you go (some treks may be closed during certain periods of the year)
– Bring something to eat and drink
– Bring something to protect you from the sun during the trekking

Maremma Beaches # 3
Cala Violina

Cala Violina is an explosion of colors: from the turquoise to the blue of the waters. From the yellow-gold of the rocks to the white sand. All around, the pine grove with its different shades of green. Pure beauty.

maremma beaches cala violina
I suggest arriving early in the morning to enjoy this spot at its best. Don’t expect it to be deserted during high season.
– Type Parcheggio Cala Violina Scarlino on Google Maps. Park the car and take the path; in less than 30 minutes you’ll reach this charming place
– Bring something to eat and drink


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