Photo essay: marvelous Padua frescoes (Giotto and many more)

Apr 30, 2019

If you have a thing for frescoes as much as I have (I’m a sort of frescoes nerd smile), there is no better place than Padua.

Rome, Assisi and Florence will forgive me.

The thing is that when I was in Padua I’ve found myself surrounded by marvelous frescoes with no one around. Just me and the art (all for me). It was a powerful experience.

That would be impossible in Rome; even if you have connections with the Pope, you’ll never find yourself alone in the Sistine Chapel!

I’ve been completely enchanted by Padua frescoes. But I have to admit that the underrated Padua was full of surprises and not only for its frescoes.

Keep on reading to know more about Padua frescoes and to see my favorite pics of this art (and, if you need a complete guide for Padua, read my post: The 7 wonders of Padua. A unique list of things to do in Padua)


Padua Frescoes Pics



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#Padua Frescoes   #The Baptistery 



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Padua Frescoes info


After my trip to Padua, I was not surprised when I heard that Padua frescoes were included on the nomination list for UNESCO World Heritage.

That’s another good reason to visit Padua and its frescoes now; as soon as they get the UNESCO status, more tourists will be in this area!

Below you find useful info about opening hours and admission fee.

To save some money, a recommendation is to buy the Padova Card to have free entry to many Padua attractions, discounts and free public transportation. For more information, click here


The Scrovegni Chapel

To visit the Scrovegni Chapel, you have to book the visit in advance. Here you find all the information.

Opening hours: from 9 am to 7 pm all year round (during some periods of the year it’s also possible to visit the Scrovegni Chapel from 7 pm to 10 pm). Closed on January 1st, December 25th and 26th

Admission fee: 13 € (check the website for available reductions). With Padova Card 1 €


The Baptistery of the Cathedral

Opening hours: every day from 10 am to 6 pm (closed on January 1st, Easter day, December 25th)

Admission Fee: 3 € (reduced ticket: 2€). Free with Padova Card


Oratory of Saint George

Opening hours: from end of October to March: 9-12.30 pm / 2.30-5 pm. From April to end of October: 9-12.30 pm / 2.30-7 pm

Admission fee Oratory of St. George: 3 € (reduced ticket: 2,50 €)

Admission fee Oratory of St. George and Scuola del Santo (to see Tiziano paintings): 5 € (reduced ticket: 4 €)


Palazzo della Ragione

Opening hours: from February to October: 9am-7pm. From November to January: 9am-6pm

Closed on Mondays, January 1st, May 1st, December 25th and 26th

Admission fee: 6 € (reduced ticket: 4 €). Free with Padova Card


One last tip: if you want to visit other frescoes, I also recommend the Diocesan Museum (I was charmed by the little Chapel of St. Mary of the Angels and by the huge Bishops’ Hall), the Eremitani Church and the Basilica of Saint Anthony with its beautiful ceiling painted as a sky full of stars.

Do you still have 5 minutes? Then, click here to discover the other marvels of Padua


So, would you like to visit Padua and its frescoes? Have you already been in Padua? Write me!


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