The Euganean Hills: rolling hills near Venice

Dec 27, 2018

Do not get me wrong I love Tuscany, but it’s time for Tuscany lovers like me to face facts: rolling hills are also outside Tuscany smile

One example? The Euganean Hills, a beautiful surprise just an hour from Venice. Wineries, hiking, hill towns and spas make you wonder why you have not been there before.

The pearl of the Euganean Hills

There is one place on the Euganean Hills that, more than others, made me discover the authentic soul of this region: the hill town of Arquà Petrarca.

As I approached Arquà, I realized why is known as the pearl of the Euganean Hills. I spotted the village on a green and gently rolling hill; all around, vast olive groves and vineyards. Its beauty stands out in each season, especially with the colors of spring and of autumn.

Here are my tips for a day-trip on the Euganean Hills.

First things first, start the day wandering around Arquà. No maps and no rush, only the pleasure to discover the hidden corners of this lovely town.

The Euganean Hills - Arquà Petrarca 1
The Euganean Hills - Arquà Petrarca 2
The Euganean Hills - Arquà Petrarca 4
The Euganean Hills - Arquà Petrarca 3


The cobblestone alleyways will lead you to Petrarca’s house. Crossing the small gate of the poet’s house is like a jump in a parallel world: so quiet and peaceful; the garden and the interiors look like taken out of a fairy-tale book.


The Euganean Hills - Petrarca's house 1
The Euganean Hills - Petrarca's house 2

I’ll not be surprised if, while enjoying the view from the poet’s house, you dream about moving to the Euganean Hills!

What makes Arquà even more lovely is that it’s completely built with stones. The St. Mary’s church (in front of which lies the tomb of Petrarca), the Oratorio della Santissima Trinità, the Campanaria Tower and the Loggia dei Vicari are all ancient buildings built with stones. Simply gorgeous.

The Euganean Hills - Arquà Petrarca 5

No doubt that in Arquà you can enjoy the best panoramas of the Euganean Hills. Even better if you go hiking.

There are many itineraries among which you can choose; I went for the Atestino trail. During the hiking, I completely immersed myself in the nature and I could admire the unique landscape of this area: hills (with conical shapes) which rise in the midst of the Venetian Plain.

The Atestino trail is 22 km long (but you can decide to do less). The trail starts in Arquà: to reach it, go to Bar Ventolone and then go ahead on Via Fontanelle. After some meters, on the right there is a small road; there is where the hiking starts.

Wine tasting on the Euganean Hills

Yet less known than Chianti and Langhe, the region of the Euganean Hills has a long tradition of wine-making.

Wine lovers (like me smile) can find many wineries, vineyards and events to discover local wines.

If you are in the region in summer, you shouldn’t miss one of the events organized by “Colli Euganei Jazz & Wine”: jazz music, wine tasting, local food and charming locations like historical villas. You won’t need anything more to enjoy the authentic soul of the Euganean Hills.


In the Euganean Hills region there are many hidden treasures like the town of Arquà; if you have been in the area (or, you’d like to go), write a comment!


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